Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC)

05. Managing - Application Process

Whether a new building site is being established or an existing septic system is in a state of failure, a new/replacement septic system design and application is required to be submitted to the KWIC manager for approval. 

Below is a general outline of the design/application process:

  1. Contact a septic system design engineer of your choice and inform them that a new or replacement system design is required for your property
  2. The engineer should coordinate a day/time with a KWIC inspector as well as a backhoe/excavator operator to meet for an onsite soils evaluation 
  3. The property owner/engineer should fill out and submit the "Application for Onsite System Permit" to the KWIC manager
  4. The system engineer should submit the new or replacement septic system design to the KWIC manager for review/approval
  5. Once a design has received KWIC approval, plans can be distributed to the installer to begin system construction (a KWIC inspector must be notified a minimum of two days in advance of the start of construction)

Supporting Documents

Protect and improve the purity of waters in the Keuka Lake Watershed by planning for uniform regulation of wastewater management regulations and pursue appropriate action to resolve other potential threats to Keuka Lake.


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